How to write a mentally unstable character

How to Treat Mentally Ill Characters When Writing a Novel

To avoid stereotyping and caricatureand to keep your story believabletry these strategies and tips.

  • How to Treat Mentally Ill Characters When Writing a Novel
  • Balance internal and overt symptoms and behavior.
  • Specify the disorder, at least in your head.
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How Mentally Unstable Are You?

Are you mentally unstable? It's not a particularly well understood condition, especially not by the public at large. Sometimes categorized with sociopaths, those who suffer from this peculiar disorder lack empathy, are highly manipulative, have little regard for the law, and lack delusions or other signs of...

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dnd 5e Does it make sense to play a mentally unstable and socially

Playing him as mentally unstable isn't a bad thing -- there have been many well known people in history who. Being socially awkward with high Charisma could just translate to your character not ENJOYING social interaction, but knowing how to traverse it to his/her benefit should the need arise.

  • Charisma is not just how socially adept you are
  • Crazy doesn't have to mean Socially awkward

How to Make Characters Memorable Highlight Freelance Writing

Readers best remember the characters you create for your novel by focusing in on their mannerisms, habits and traits. Here's how to write them. Just be sure your demonstration of a trait is specific enough to lead to the conclusion you intended. For example, you write, Joan slouched down on the...

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creative writing How to make a intellectually disabled character

The character (this bit is portrayed in first person) doesn't have a great sense of how to tell narrative and as such the story jumps around all over. One of the most famous short novels ever written, John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, has a mentally challenged character as one of its main characters.

  • How to make a intellectually disabled character believable?
  • Trisomy 21 people has a low IQ, normally around 50
  • I don't want the main focus of the story to be the character struggle against his impairment
  • I think it's easy to fall into clichs and I don't want that

How to Write a Female Character by TTSnim on DeviantArt

They can become depressed, or even mentally unstable with out a job to do.. **While men may not see the second two traits, they instinctively write them into their male characters a lot of the time because these are human traits and are not gender specific, though many men seem unsure how to...

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