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Example of Discussion in Lab Report. Here is an extract from a discussion section taken from a lab report. It provides an analysis of customers behavioral patterns with an aim to identify smartphone models within a reasonable price to be procured for the company employees.

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40 Lab Report Templates Format Examples TemplateLab

Lab report templates are documents which are written to explain, describe and analyze a laboratory experiment which investigates a scientific concept.. 4.5 Findings and Results. 4.6 Discussion. 4.7 Conclusion. 4.8 Tables and Other Figures. 4.9 References. 5 Lab Report Templates.

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Writing a Science lab report Research Learning Online

Many of your Science units will require you to write a formal laboratory report. The purpose is to report on what you did, what you learned from an experiment and why the findings matter.Disclaimer:Pl...

  • Why was the experiment conducted? (big-picture/real-world view).
  • What specific problem/research question was being addressed?
  • What methods were used to solve the problem/answer the question?
  • How do they answer the overall question or improve our understanding of the problem?

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A good lab report does more than present data; it demonstrates the writers comprehension of the concepts behind the data.. Example: The purpose of this experiment was to identify the specific element in a metal powder sample by determining its crystal structure and atomic radius.

  • Compare expected results with those obtained.
  • Explain your results in terms of theoretical issues.
  • Relate results to your experimental objective(s).
  • Compare your results to similar investigations.

Student Tutorial Introduction to Writing Lab Reports The Parts of

The Parts of a Laboratory Report. Introduction: What is the context in which the experiment takes. doing the lab in the first place: to learn something about the science of the course you are taking.. The Discussion section often begins by making a statement as to whether the findings in the Results...

  • To learn something about the science of the course you are taking

Sample Lab Report

Sample Lab Report Abstract Modern scientific papers typically begin with a short abstract summarizing the entire project. This sample lab report includes all the. Procedure The body of the report should begin with a systematic discussion of the project. The equipment should be described, and each...

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