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Political Science Research Topics on Comparative Politics. This study field focuses on empirical approach, including comparative methods.. Even if it sounds too complex, here are interesting political science research questions samples to inspire you for a great research topic

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With its broad geographic scope, comparative politics covers a diverse range of research questions: Why are some countries democratic while others are not? What accounts for variation in welfare policies across countries and over time? How do political institutions shape economic development?

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Comparative politics focus on certain key questions, mostly cause-and-effect questions that can be answered by looking at different countries politics. While asking questions, it is important that the expected answer is not built into the questions to prevent biased arguments.

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Questions tagged [comparative-politics]. Ask Question. Questions about the field in political science that works empirically.. While researching an answer for another question, I discovered that the constitution of Azerbaijan requires a presidential candidate to have a university degree.

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...politics: research question, description, definition, scientific models, uncertain conclusions, theories - Techniques of Comparative Politics. - Trend in Comparative Politics: Classical, Renaissance Enlightenment, social contract, modern era modernization behaviouralism, modernism.

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